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Spray - Home Stories Collection by Comporta Perfumes

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Air Freshener - 450ml

Comporta Perfumes launches theHome Stories Collection, a collection of perfumes for home with4 air fresheners incredibly engaging and unique, which transports the spirit and essence of Comporta to the interior of the house. A space that is intended for comfort and something luxurious.

MOSQUITO - The reinterpretation of Mosquito perfume for the place where we are happiest: our house with extreme transparency and elegance..
Grades: fresh, clean; lily of the valley, iris; musky, sandalwood.
Perfumer: Beatrice Aguilar.

CAMELLIA - a perfume of pure elegance, hyper sophisticated and with a classic patina
Grades: Bergamot, Mint, Ginger; Fresh white flower cardamom (Lily of the valley and jasmine); Green mate tea.
Perfumer: Stephanie Bakouche.

ANGRY - A late-afternoon refreshment in a dry, crispy-yellow, hot heat.
Grades: fig, lemon, cedar, copaiba; musk, marine notes
Perfumer: Miguel Matos

FLAME - The smell of the fireplaces in the castles of Broglie with their gilded carvings, those of the wooden houses of Comporta
Grades: Caramel, praline; Wood, leather; Smoked wood.
Perfumer: Stephanie Bakouche.