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Perfumes Comporta

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Eau de Parfum - 100ml
Nine different perfumes created by the Comporta brand. The smell of the sea, rockrose, wood and other essences in sophisticated alchemical compositions. Bottles designed and produced by Vista Alegre. Luxury perfumery with Portuguese DNA.


rose | fresh spicy | aromatic

A perfume for those perfect sunsets from night parties around Pego and Muda. We are surprised when she arrives and greets her friends for dinner at her home.

Main notes of the pyramid: orange, lemon, geranium leaves
Heart notes: absolute coffee, apricot rose, jasmine
Base notes: patchouli, saffron, vanilla, myrrh, musk
16% Concentration


Tropical / coconut bliss / marine

A feeling of warmth and freshness by the sea, where vast coconut palms and palm trees spread across Rio da Barra, Irapororoca and Itaquena. The sweet aroma of coconut and tropical fruit seduces us as we drive along endless deserted shores of white sand. At night, that smell takes us to the Quadrado, where candle lights are lit on the trees.

Main notes of the pyramid: coconut water, fresh sea, mint, lime green
Heart notes: water fruits, Tiare flower (Monoi)
Base notes: wood, musk
18% concentration


spicy | gourmand | warm

We used to go out to dinner at the Dona Bia restaurant, where the usual sounds are cutlery scraping plates, the coffee grinder in the background, conversations, with wine in glasses and the smell of varnished wood. The tables, the spicy aroma in the air and those dishes make the whole atmosphere of comfort memorable. A tribute to everyone who cooked for us.

Main notes of the pyramid: coffee, mint , lie de vin
Heart notes: < / span> spices, woody, green chords
Base notes: amber, incense
18% Concentration


Clean / light floral / musk / ozonic

Living in the spirit of Comporta, knowing that 30 minutes a day, clouds of mosquitoes can be close by. We suggest that you smile with this clean, ozone, light and woody floral touch. Pure transparency.

Main notes of the pyramid: fresh, clean and cut green vapors
Heart notes: white floral flowers (Lily of the Valley), iris root
Base notes: musk and sandalwood
18% concentration


SELA by DANIEL JOSIER by leathery | animalic | Woody

A horse ride through the village of Comporta, past the rice fields, climbing sand dunes surrounded by saddles and pines, ending up galloping by the sea. Nature, horses, beach, leather.

Main notes of the pyramid: thyme, saffron, raspberry
Heart notes: oliban, cestrum, leather
Base notes: leather and suede, wood, amber accords
18% concentration


Woody / balsamic / powdery

Many, many years ago, some fishermen built long walkways with small houses on a salt water lake. A magical place where nature is hard: strong sun in summer; cold temperatures and rainy days during winter. Splashing salt water on the wood. The "Palafitico" evokes that bold, herbaceous and salty unique atmosphere of the fishermen's houses on the Palafitico Pier in Carrasqueira.

Main notes of the pyramid: bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, pepper
Heart notes: white tea leaves, orange, glossom, iris, jasmine
Base notes: sandalwood, amber, musk
25% Concentration


floral solaire epicé white floral I spicy I oriental I carnal I luminous

19:30, walking from Pego beach to Comporta, with bare feet on the sand and the golden, sensual and carnal sunset in the eyes.

< meta charset = "utf-8"> Main notes of the pyramid: Calabrian bergamot, Petitgrain of Paraguay, Absolute Paraguay, absolute cassis of Bor cane, CO2 extract from Peruvian pepper from Peru, ylang from Madagascar, coriander
Base notes: benzoin from Siam, super-absolute green hay, honey, woody chord modern wooded chord
25% concentration


Ozonic / musky / green / salty / light floral

The lightness of the lily of the valley of the Perfume Mosquito left some "Malboro men" out of it. The Mosquito Man joins them to the family. This is an inclusive scent: all men can now feel clean and transparent and be hard at the same time.

Main notes of the pyramid: light citrus with limeta, mandarin, bergamot and galbanum
Heart notes : lilac, lily of the valley and iris root
Base notes: musk, cedar and sandalwood
25% Concentration


ozonic / citrus / green

The smell of happiness when walking along those long and beautiful beaches of white sand, with a light sea breeze or even better, when we have a gin tonic with a lemon zest at the end of the day at “ Chiringuito " at Praia da Comporta .

Main notes of the pyramid: elemi, apple, thyme, bergamot, cypress
Heart notes: cedar, jasmine, lily of the valley
Base: amber, leather, patchouli
18% concentration