Casa Budo - Vintage Portuguese.

We were inspired by the splendor of the colors of Lisbon and the Vintage Portuguese style, with a contemporary and modern touch. The motto was the terracotta colors of the roofs, the tones of the tiled walls of the neighboring blocks and the blue-green waters of the Tagus river that embraces our city. We wanted to create a connection and bring the exterior to the interior of the house.

Home Styling carried out in a one bedroom apartment, in a penthouse on the top of a building in the typical Lisbon neighborhood of Graça, and entirely developed based on a concept created exclusively for the client. Due to the areas contained in the apartment, most of the furniture was customized and produced to measure. Choices of wall tones, all furniture, as well as all accessories and accessories were made.
All done with a lot of intention and dedication.

Photos: José Ramos©















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