Casa Stein - Color and very good vibe.

Total Homestyling project for a T5 family apartment, located in a central neighborhood in Lisbon.

This apartment was recently refurbished, keeping the old design of the shutters, windows, floors, baseboards and ceilings, and SAL was asked to do all the work.home styling, from choosing the colors of the walls, pieces of furniture, lighting and textiles, to the detailed choice of all the utilitarian accessories.
Following a change in the owners' lives, this had to be another project done remotely, with clients living outside Portugal until then. But this distance was never a problem, but an aggregating factor.
We had the pleasure of working with clients with a vision of their own. We can say that this was a project made by "4 hands" because we followed the tastes and aesthetic references of the owners. This allowed us to be bold in the choice of wall colors and furniture options, some of them customized and produced to measure.

Photographs: José Ramos ©