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Camila Fenster

No Excuses

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Printed in Whitewall; Original photo print on acrylic glass; Bright Fuji Crystal DP II; 4 mm glossy acrylic glass; Aluminum frames.
(Edition with Certificate of Authenticity and limited to reproduction of 30 units.)

About the author:
Camila is half Danish, half Portuguese. Use photography as a form of expression. Through his plastic language, he finds ways to relate to others. It uses several photographs in the construction of images that appear as the materialization of a conceptual narrative. Each photo has a beginning and an end of a story. The final result can take between 60 to 100 hours to be produced.

About the work:
Some people have all the money, some don't. Is money power? Religion, the Gods, peace or the lack of it are feelings expressed in this work. Whatever our conclusion, there is one word that should sum up all our responses - RESPECT.