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Filipa Marte

Amphora for H2O plants

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Measurements:small:3.5x11h cm/gr:5x13h cm
Material:Clay, terracotta and stoneware

These pieces are handcrafted and inspired by the Lusitana Amphora.
They are small water containers that allow you to hydrate indoor or outdoor plants slowly and consistently.

Made with Portuguese clay, terracotta and stoneware. The water inside the amphora flows evenly into the earth through the porosity of the clay from which it is made.

- Ideal for potted plants (indoor/outdoor)
- 100% Eco friendly - recyclable
- Ideal for when you go on vacation

small vases
1. Open a small hole in the ground
2. Place the amphora submerged in the ground with the mouth at ground level
3. Fill with water

large pots
1. Open a small hole in the ground
2. Fit the amphora to the neck of a bottle of water
3. Reverse direction and place on the ground