THESALT gained wings and flew!
    After four and a half years of a physical store in partnership, and eight intense and challenging months, we reinvented ourselves in a freer and wider world. It is this freedom that is present in the new website and brand concept, with Nature being our greatest inspiration in its forms, textures, patterns and in an eclectic curation of art pieces and exclusive products produced by hand.

    In our online store, you can find designer ceramics, painting, photography, sculpture, some of them by Portuguese artists and designers, decorative accessories, designer jewelery, high perfumery, organic body products and the most recent novelty is the representation of articles oflighting for the home and furniture that, according to the SAL concept, value sustainability and a greater environmental concern in their production.
    Why the name SAL?
    Because Sal is powerful and valuable, it was a bargaining chip in antiquity and was worth more than gold. Because Sal is pure and refreshing. Because we love the salty sea, and marine life and because we know that a life with "spice" is much more interesting.

    Sandra Nascimento