Wedding Lists

What we offer?

Personalized consultancy service in which SAL, in partnership with the bride and groom, proposes a set of pieces appropriate to the style, taste and future home of the bride and groom, and which will form an integral part of a tailor-made Wedding List.

Allocation for 12 months after the wedding date,10 discounto (through a code on any purchase made on our website..

We offer a proposal forHome Styling to one of the rooms in the house. living room, bedroom, office.). 
However, SAL is also available to advise in other areas of the house, through a service budgeted to measure and per m2.

How it works?

1- Meeting in person or online, to get to know customers and what their expectations are.
2 - Presentation of the proposal of products that will be an integral part of the Wedding List.
3 - Parts may be included outside the website
4 - The Wedding List is not public and will be accessed through a link sent to the guests by the bride and groom, who must do so in a clear and as visible as possible.
5 - At the time of purchase of the gift, the guest will have to leave the registration of the name and address, and will also be able to send a personalized message to the bride and groom.
6 - Creation of a Voucher Gift that will be part of the List and make it possible for the guests to make value deliveries according to their possibilities.
 7 - All the values of the Vouchers Gifts, must at the end be reverted in purchases of products of the List.
8 - Possibility of access of the bride and groom, to information on gifts already acquired and the respective amount offered, and also on which gifts are available.
 9 - Definition by the bride and groom of the deadline on which the List will be available online. It may remain a little later than the date of the wedding.).
10 - Transport and assembly costs will be included in the final prices of all items on the List.
11 - As the pieces are purchased, they will be ordered. The bride and groom must have an interval of time from that moment, until the delivery date, in a maximum limit that can go up to 8 weeks, depending on the pieces in question.