Interior trends for 2022

1. Sacred Rooms

After a time when our houses had to be transformed into multipurpose places, with improvised work areas and with the permanent presence of several family members, more than ever, we have to invest and recover the calm that the room should provide us, as if it were our retreat space, our Temple.
Minimalist, reduced to the essentials, free of distractions,gadgets and holder of enormous comfort applied to lighting, fabrics and pillows.




2. Sustainability

Sustainability in the production of furniture and the use of organic materials,
became prominent in decor. The use of reclaimed wood, glass and recycled metal will be decisive when choosing. Investing in useless and meaningless pieces will increasingly be a thing of the past.




3. Vintage + Craft

The desire to surround ourselves with objects that are not only decorative, but that have a story to tell, is growing, whether they are pieces from a certain era, or handmade by artists and artisans. These collection pieces, which are unique and exclusive, transcend periods and styles and can blend perfectly in a traditional or modern environment. This is the art of knowing how to mix!





4. Maximalism

There will be a transformation in the way of using color at home. Neutral tones will give way to bold hues that add strength of character. The colors will be strong but modest, which match the way we feel now, with the simpler life we are leading after times of turmoil. Color more than ever, associated with the feeling of positivity. Above all, the daring to use color without fear, to explore combinations and patterns and give identity to spaces that would previously be more minimal.




5. Nature Feeling

Country style was one of the most searched styles in 2021 and will continue to dominate this year. This search is due to its dreamy and idyllic content of a country life, in a house surrounded by images and floral patterns, painted surfaces and textures that help us connect with Nature. Also the use in coatings of textured materials, such as scraped plaster, natural wood, rough clay, or granulated stucco, but these materials are also extended to objects and even made-to-measure furniture. Very popular finishes for their durability and resistance.




6. Home Office

More recent times have forced us to find solutions to find a corner of our home where we can work. It can be an area intended solely for an office or a multifunctional place that can be transformed. Comfort is an important condition when choosing a chair and table, but lighting is also essential, especially natural lighting, which helps in greater productivity at work. So, if possible, always work near a window.



In short, the year 2022 calls for more conscious choices in the use of materials, in the usefulness of each object, in its history and production. Whether the author behind a ceramic piece, a painting by an artist we identify with, or a design object produced to respond to its main functionality.
At SAL, we select all our products with this awareness!