Cozy House

Simplify to start over.
Our client came to us to help him create a simple environment, but with comfort and personality in his new home. A small apartment on the top floor of a building, full of natural light and good vibes. That vibration that is linked to new cycles. The tones of natural wood, and the green and gray colors applied to the tones of the walls and some existing pieces created that coherence and harmony that a project should have. It became even more beautiful to do this work, as we are a repeat customer and that makes us very proud.

Photographs: SAL ©

Mesa de jantar com quatro cadeiras e candeeiro Marseille em metal termolacado.
Sala de estar, com sofá cinza e tapete Belgrado. Candeeiro de pé Annapurna e mesa Grail (SAL).
Sala de estar
Sofá cinza, tapete Belgrado e mesa apoio Grail
Zona da TV

Papel de parede Linen cor verde oliveira e candeeiro London (SAL)

Quarto acolhedor

Detalhe de serigrafia de Miró

Ambiente acolhedor em tons cinza e verdes

Quarto menina

Zona de leitura e brinquedos